Our Commitment


Our Mission at Orcom is a simple one, excellent quality and value. We treat each device we make as if it were for family. We put the effort into getting it right the first time, saving you time and energy and getting people back on their feet fast. 


With over 22 years in the Foot Orthotics industry we have  gained vast experience. Over the years our technology and materials have evolved allowing us greater quality control. We are continuously working to adapt our product line to the ever changing needs of our practitioners and patients. 


Every device made at Orcom is custom, We DO NOT use any prefab "customizable" insoles. We are committed to making each Foot Orthotic as unique as the patients we serve. We model our Orthotics from slipper casts, foam impressions and digital scans. We retain our scans indefinitely for efficient reorder. 


In short, we are a company committed to quality and affordability. We strive for excellence and take pride in our workmanship. We create products that we are proud of and look forward to sharing them with you.